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Report Outages Directly to the Utility Provider or by Submitting the Form Below

Requests for repairs for SCE street lights (7 digit pole number ending in “E”) can be made directly to Southern California Edison by calling 800.611.1911 or through their website. Requests for repairs for MVU street lights (3 or 4 digit pole number ending with either “MV” or “MVU”) may be made directly to MVU by calling 1.844.341.6469 or by email at

The information provided will be forwarded to the street light utility provider for your area. Most street light repairs made by the utility provider are completed within 10-15 days. However, some repairs may require additional time.

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Please provide the following contact information so that we can get in touch with you should we have any questions about the street lights you are reporting. Submitting the form without contact information may result in delays or an inability to forward the request to the appropriate utility provider for repairs.


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Street Light Information
Please provide detailed information regarding the location of the street light. Providing detailed information increases the probability of the utility providers ability to accurately locate the street light requiring repairs.

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