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Media and Communications

Media & Communications


Tim Carroll
Division Manager

phone  951.413.3056
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The Media Division serves as the City's media relations/public information office.

The Media Division provides graphic design and special events coordination services to City departments and manages the operations and video productions of the City's award-winning government access cable TV channel, MVTV-3.

In addition, this Division monitors state-issued cable television/video service franchise agreements and manages content on the City's public Web site and employee Intranet.

MVTV-3 Receives Emmy Nomination
The City of Moreno Valley’s MVTV-3 is one of the three nominees competing in the Outstanding Public Service Announcement Category for the “Val's Oil & Repair” public service announcement (PSA). See the video...


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About Cable TV Programming

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City programming is shown on the following stations:

  • MVTV-3
  • MVEdTV
  • VVTV
  • KRCC

Moreno Valley's Access Channels
MVTV-3 - Award-winning, locally produced government access television coverage of Moreno Valley City Council and Planning Commission meetings, news, information, and public service announcements of City-sponsored events. Available on channel 3 on Time Warner Cable and over the Internet. Click here to watch MVTV-3 programming on-line.

MVEdTV and VVTV - Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Val Verde Unified School District. Available on Channel 16 on Time Warner Cable.

KRCC - Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley Campus.

About the Graphics Unit

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The Graphics unit provides Graphic design and print services for City departments. Graphics staff also produce the City’s newsletter, CityLink; Parks and Community Services’ Recreation Guide and much more.

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About the Film Office

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What Can I Find in Moreno Valley?

  • Small town city
  • Suburbs
  • Country
  • Badlands to the east (remote and desolate)
  • March Reserve base, its military infrastructure and its museum of aircraft are nearby.
  • Lake Perris State Park
  • Diverse population for extras casting

The Moreno Valley Film Office helps you find the perfect location for your needs, with urban, country and scenic backdrops. March Air Reserve Base offers both a special backdrop and a convenient way to transport your materials to your location.

The Film Office issues the appropriate permits, and helps coordinate your filming with required City Departments. As part of our approval process you'll need to submit information to our office explaining the nature of the production. Please use the forms on the right to submit this information to us electronically at

We can also help you find local companies to assist in many areas of location shooting. From temporary office space to catering or a place to spend the night - it's all available locally.

Process and Forms

  1. Review the General Rules and Regulations and the FAQs. Call the Film Office 951.413.3057 to verify what is required to obtain your film permit in Moreno Valley.
  2. Complete all forms as required by the Film Office and e-mail them to You may also mail them to City of Moreno Valley, Film Office, 14177 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553.
  3. The Film office will assist you in paying any required fees.

Film Office Forms

Film Permit Coordinator

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