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Divisions and Units

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The Moreno Valley Police Department has four divisions in addition to its Administration Unit.

Select the division or unit to learn more about the programs and services that each one provides:

Administration Division

Division Commander: Lt. Kevin Lamb

The Administration Division is comprised of Station Administration which includes the Accounting Unit, Training, Facility Maintenance and Safety; the Community Services Unit which has charge of the volunteer program, the Police Explorer program, the mounted Posse program, Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention; as well as the Business Office Unit which provides customer service to lobby guests, maintains records/data entry and collects fees. For more information please call 951.486.6700

Lt. Kevin Lamb
Lt. Kevin Lamb

Station Administration

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Jason Sexton

The unit contains one sergeant and two non-sworn officers. Station Administration includes training, facility maintenance and safety.

Sgt. Jason Sexton
Sgt. Jason Sexton


The Accounting Unit is staffed by one Supervisor Accounting Technician, one Accounting Technician, one Sr. Accounting Assistant and three Accounting Assistants. This unit is charged with handling contracts, budgets, payroll and purchasing.


Community Services

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Jason Sexton

The Community Services Unit contains one Sergeant, four sworn officers plus one non-sworn officer and has charge of the Volunteer program, the Police Explorer program, the volunteer Mounted Posse Program, Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention. For more information please call 951.486.6700

Sgt. Jason Sexton
Sgt. Jason Sexton

Neighborhood Watch

Coordinator: Deputy Kimberly Mirabella

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to educate the public on crime prevention and to bring neighborhoods together to make their community a safer place to live.

A sworn officer, along with a police volunteer, respond to different areas within the City to give classes which include training in burglary prevention, how to recognize suspicious activity/persons, personal safety and when to call 911. The training also takes the citizens through the process of reporting a crime and what to expect when calling 911.

For more information, or to set up a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood, call 951.486.6720.

Officer Kimberly Mirabella
Deputy Kimberly Mirabella

Volunteer Services Program

Coordinator: Officer DeChante Manier

The Volunteer Unit began in October of 1990 with limited duties and only three volunteers. Currently, the program has expanded to 81 volunteers, four sworn officers and one non-sworn officer.

With this expansion, the volunteer program was able to broaden its duties and responsibilities. Volunteers now assist in every division within the department. The department has come to rely on its volunteers for a wide variety of tasks that free up officers for emergency calls. These programs continually strive to enhance the quality of life in the City of Moreno Valley.

The volunteer programs run by this unit are:

  • Citizen's Patrol Unit
  • Anti-graffiti Patrol Unit
  • Police Explorer Program
  • Reserve Officer's Program
  • Station Volunteers
  • Mounted Posse

To learn more about these programs, please visit the Volunteers section of this site or call 951.486.6942 .


Detective Division

Division Commander: Lt. Brian Holmes

The objective of the Detective Unit is to provide assistance and service to the City of Moreno Valley in order to promote a safe environment for our citizens. For more information please email



Lt. Brian Holmes
Lt. Brian Holmes

Burglary/Robbery Suppression Teams

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Ryan Marcuse

The purpose of the Moreno Valley Police Department Burglary and Robbery Suppression Teams (BST/RST) is to protect our community by taking a vigilant stance against crime in our city.

The members of the Burglary and Robbery Suppression Teams are committed and dedicated to the people, traditions, and cultural diversity of our city. In partnership with our community, we serve to protect the public and strive to eliminate violent crime through proactive enforcement, intelligence gathering, and investigation. To accomplish its mission, the BST/RST Teams use a variety of innovative investigative techniques to mitigate crime. The BST/RST Teams play a crucial part in the Moreno Valley Police Department’s fight against violent crime and all of its members are dedicated to this cause.

The BST/RST Teams also continue to foster professional relationships with our civic and business leaders in order to strengthen our service to them. By working closely with these businesses leaders and the community, the BST/RST Teams strive to consistently lower the number of burglaries and robberies in the area.

The Burglary Suppression Team is comprised of one investigator and four officers. The Robbery Suppression Team is comprised of one investigator and two officers. The BST/RST Teams are supervised by Sergeant Ryan Marcuse. For more information please email

Sgt. Ryan Marcuse
Sgt. Ryan Marcuse

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis unit is comprised of one crime analyst. Crime analysts track criminal activity, analyze crime data to determine any crime patterns, series, or trends occurring within the city, crime mapping, and provide statistical data to the various Moreno Valley Police Department units.


Detective Unit

Unit Supervisors: Sgt. Craig Roberts and Sgt. Ed Baeza  

The objective of the Detective Unit is to provide assistance and service to the City of Moreno Valley in order to promote a safe environment for our citizens. Our main focus is in the area of follow up investigations on major crimes, which are too involved or specialized for the patrol unit to handle. Our goal is to maintain and develop investigative specialties through training and experience in order to stay ahead of future trends in criminal activity. For more information please email or

Sgt. Craig Roberts
Sgt. Craig Roberts   

Sgt. Ed Baeza
Sgt. Ed Baeza  

Patrol Division

Division Commander: Lt. Tony Hoxmeier and Lt. Tony Williams

The unit contains nine supervising sergeants, 64 sworn patrol officers, three K-9 teams, and 10 non-sworn officers.

The patrol unit is responsible for responding to calls for service assigned by dispatch. These calls typically reach 400-450 per day. Patrol officers also serve arrest warrants and assist other MVPD units in serving search warrants. The duties of a non-sworn officer (Community Service Officer) include prisoner transportation, responding to non-emergency calls for service, traffic control, booking and photo imaging.

For more information on patrol services, please call 951.486.6700.


Lt. Tony Hoxmeier
Lt. Tony Hoxmeier

Lt. Tony Williams
Lt. Tony Williams

Moreno Valley Mall

The owners/operators of the Moreno Valley Mall contract with the City of Moreno Valley for police services at the mall. The contract calls for one full time sworn officer who is assigned strictly to respond to and investigate all crimes occurring on mall property. An officer is at the mall seven days a week.


Logistics Unit

Unit Supervisor Sgt. Jason Sexton

This unit is charged with fleet maintenance, weapon maintenance and evidence. The unit contains one sergeant, one corporal and and two non-sworn officers.


 Sgt. Jason Sexton
Sgt. Jason Sexton

Problem Oriented Policing

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Jose Ayala

The Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P) team is a proactive unit with a goal to solve specific problems within the community, whether criminal in nature or a quality of life issue. The unit uses traditional and non-traditional methods of law enforcement to resolve the issues that are a concern to each of the communities in Moreno Valley. The unit works with the citizens, property owners, the City, Fire Department, Code Compliance, City Attorney, U.S. Attorney, etc. in order to abate problems that arise. The P.O.P team consists of one supervising Sergeant, five sworn officers and one non‑sworn officer.

Following list are some of the programs the P.O.P. team offers the community.

  • Safe Streets Now. This program was developed to outline steps to sue an owner of a property that is a public nuisance under the California Civil Code. The police are not a party to this civil action but they assist in mobilizing the neighborhood and assisting the citizens in the implementation of the civil action.
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing. This is a program that recognizes the owner's responsibility for what happens on his/her property. The P.O.P. team conducts periodic training for property owners making them aware of their responsibility and teaching them how to maintain safe housing units in three separate stages.

For more information on the P.O.P. Team, please call 951.486.6700.


Sgt. Jose Ayala
Sgt. Jose Ayala


Special Enforcement Teams Division

Division Commander: Lt. Christapher Durham

The unit has special programs to combat specific problems such as narcotics, gangs and other serious crimes occurring in the community. For more information on special enforcement services, please call 951.486.6700.

Lt. Christapher Durham
Lt. Christapher Durham

Riverside University Health System

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Steven Favero

The Riverside County Regional Medical Center contracts with the Riverside Sheriff's Department for police services. The MVPD fulfills this contract. The contract includes six sworn officers and two non-sworn officers. These officers provide security inside the hospital and outside on hospital grounds. The officers are responsible to handle all crimes and calls for service on hospital property.

For more information on hospital services, please call Sgt. Favero at 951.486.5334.

Sgt. Steven Favero
Sgt. Steven Favero

School Resource Unit

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Jaime Hermosillo

The SRO Unit responds to all calls for service at assigned high schools and middle schools. They are also responsible for crime prevention and education on campus. The Moreno Valley Unified School district along with the Val Verde School district contracts with the Riverside Sheriff's Department for School Resource Officers. The MVPD fulfills this contract.

There are ten officers, including the Youth Accountability Team officer, covering six high schools and six middle schools.

For more information on school services, please call Sgt. Hermosillo at 951.486.6702.

Sgt. Jaime Hermosillo
Sgt. Jaime Hermosillo

Special Enforcement Team

Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Ryan Marcuse and Sgt. Jose Ayala

The Special Enforcement Team (SET) is a proactive unit that targets gang members, drug dealers and career criminals for the purpose of arrest, conviction and incarceration. SET also occasionally participates in programs to deter young adults from joining a gang or getting involved in narcotics.

The officers in this unit are assigned to particular specialties. Three sworn officers are on the drug detail (Narcotics Team), four officers are assigned to the gang detail (GET) and two are involved in working with probation and parole in the apprehension of career criminals (CCAT). A Community Service Officer assists the sworn personnel with research and the booking of evidence.

For more information on special enforcement services, please call Sgt. Marcuse at 951.486.6858 and Sgt. Ayala at 951.486.6853.

Sgt. Ryan Marcuse
Sgt. Ryan Marcuse
Sgt. Sgt. Jose Ayala
Sgt. Jose Ayala


This unit consists of the Traffic Unit, which provides traffic enforcement, accident investigation and reconstruction and traffic control.

You may contact the traffic division at 951.486.6900.


Traffic Unit

Unit Supervisors: Sgt. Nathan Kaas and Sgt. Bryan De Loss

For more information, call 951.486.6900.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement, accident reconstruction, investigation and traffic control. This unit also works most major special events that occur in the City to prevent traffic related problems.

The Traffic Unit consists of two supervising sergeants, two sworn commercial vehicle enforcement officers, nine sworn motorcycle officers, four sworn accident investigators, four non-sworn accident investigators and one office assistant. The Moreno Valley Police Traffic Team has received grants and state and national recognition for its traffic programs.


Sgt. Nathan Kaas
Sgt. Nathan Kaas

Sgt. Bryan De Loss
Sgt. Bryan De Loss



Coordinators: Officer Ashley Barker and Officer DeChante Manier

We are continuously accepting applications from the citizens of Moreno Valley to join our Volunteer, Reserve, Explorer, and newly formed Mounted Posse Unit. Volunteers only need to commit to 12 hours of participation each month, which includes attending monthly team meetings. Interested applicants must be willing to attend a six-week course totaling 56 hours of specialized training.

The Moreno Valley Volunteer Program has always played a key role in helping the City of Moreno Valley. The Moreno Valley Police Department is dedicated to the on-going safety and well-being of our citizens. By being involved in the community, the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Volunteer Program is committed to helping our City enhance the quality of life for its citizens. For more information please call 951.486.6908 or 951.486.6942.

Ashley Barker
Deputy Ashley Barker

Citizen's Patrol Unit

The citizens patrol unit conducts high visibility uniformed patrols, in marked police units, acting as a deterrent to crime. The volunteers are trained in laws of arrest, traffic control, identification of gang members, crime scene management, recognition of DUI drivers, identification of graffiti and proper radio traffic while communicating with police personnel.

Here are some of their duties and events they participate in:

  • Traffic Control and Direction
  • Vacation Checks
  • Special Events (Air Fest, July 4th festivities, traffic check points)
  • Neighborhood Watch Presentations
  • Crime Scene Control
  • Handicapped Parking Enforcement
  • High School Football Games
  • Neighborhood Enhancement Program
  • Illegal Dumping Programs
  • Various Parades
  • Halloween and Holiday Patrols

For more information, call 951.486.6942.


Police Explorer Program Coordinator

Coordinator: Officer Ashley Barker and Officer DeChante Manier

The MVPD also offers a Police Explorer program for the youth of Moreno Valley. The basic requirement for applying is be at least fourteen years of age and no older than twenty years of age. The program provides experience in the law enforcement field and teaches responsibility while developing leadership qualities. The explorers are active in various community functions and assist different units within the MVPD. The Explorers meet every Wednesday night at 6 pm at the Moreno Valley Police Station.

For more information call 951.486.6908 or 951.486.6942.

Ashley Barker
Deputy Ashley Barker

Station Volunteer Program

Station volunteers assist various entities at the MVPD station. Some help the investigations unit with filing, tracking of offenders and putting together "mug shot" folders. Other volunteers assist Logistics with the issuing of equipment, the maintenance of vehicles and cleaning weapons. Other station volunteers assist the Business Office with data inputting, fingerprinting and filing.

For more information call 951.486.6942.

Zone Policing

The Moreno Valley Police Department has adopted a “Zone Policing” strategy. The intent of “Zone Policing” is to improve response times to calls for service, make officers more familiar with community areas, and connect the Police Department with citizens and business owners within their assigned zones.

To facilitate this concept, the City has been divided into four zones and police officers are assigned to a specific zone. Each zone is comprised of a team that consists of a Zone Commander, Zone Supervisor, and Zone Coordinator.

For details about the City's zones and the officers in each zone, visit the Zone Policing Team page...

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