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Sunnymead Master Drainage Plan – Storm Drain Line F and Line F-7

This proposed Sunnymead Master Drainage Plan (MDP) Line F and Line F-7 project includes approximately 3,400 feet of pipe starting from the intersection of Hemlock Avenue and Graham Street, going west along Hemlock Avenue to mid-block between Graham Street and Pigeon Pass Road, then going south past State Route 60 and Sunnymead Boulevard to approximately 700 feet south of Sunnymead Boulevard. The storm drain system includes various storm drain pipe sizes, several basins, and miscellaneous appurtenances. The purpose of the storm drain is to mitigate flooding that occurs in various locations in Sunnymead MDP including Hemlock Avenue and Graham Street Intersection, south of Hemlock Avenue at Segoria Apartments at Towngate, and along Sunnymead Boulevard east of Frederick Street.