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Online Forms

This page allows you access to all of the online forms for the City of Moreno Valley. Simply click on the panel you want and select from the list to view the online forms.

Development Services
  • Building and Safety Forms
  • Code & Neighborhood Services
  • Fire Prevention
  • Capital Improvement
  • Land Development
  • Land Development Flow Charts
  • Planning Forms
  • Parks and Community Services
  • Special Districts
  • Business Forms
  • Finance Forms
  • Application for Utility Tax Exemption
Volunteer Services
  • Volunteer Application
  • MVPD Forms
  • Crime Report Form (online)
  • Fire Department Forms
Other Forms
  • ADA Accomodation, Complaint or Grievance Form
  • City Claim Form
  • Indigent Payment Program Form & Guidelines
  • Public Records Request Form
  • Parks & Community Services Participation Evaluation Survey
  • For electric utility forms, see Moreno Valley Utility forms

Development Services Forms

This is where you'll find many forms for Building & Safety, Code & Neighborhood Services, Fire Prevention, Land Development/Public Works, and Planning. These include: building permits, re-roofing permits, code violation reporting forms, fire permits, banner and sign permit applications, application for home occupation, temporary use permit, encroachment permit, block party application, and more.

Select the type of form you want:

Building and Safety Forms

SimpliCITY Help Instructions

This instruction is for 1) Registration, 2) Building online applications, 3) Online payments, 4) Building record document uploads, and 5) project management tools.

Building and Roofing

Certificate of Occupancy (pdfs)

Patio Covers

Residential Solar

Note:  Submit a Solar Building Permit Application along with the Eligibility Checklist and Plan in person or by email.  The Moreno Valley Electric Utility is located at 14325 Frederick St., Suite 9.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems




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Capital Improvement Forms

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Code and Neighborhood Services Forms

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Fire Prevention Forms

Please visit the Fire Prevention page for information such as:

  • Construction guidelines
  • Construction forms
  • Commercial business & multi-family annual inspections
  • Hazard reduction program
  • SimpliCITY portal
  • Other helpful information

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Land Development Forms

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Land Development Project Process Flow Charts

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Maintenance & Operations

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Parks and Community Services

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Planning Forms

Check the CDD Fees page for Impact Fees and other building fees.

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Volunteer Services

There are many exciting volunteer opportunities with the City of Moreno Valley. The first step is to print out a copy of the Volunteer Application, fill it out, and deliver it to City Hall.

Other Forms

Claims against the City

Request for Public Records


Parks & Community Services Participation Evaluation Survey

Indigent Payment Program




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