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Business License Information

Welcome to the City of Moreno Valley’s Business License information center.

The Business License Team wants to help you start your business in the easiest and quickest manner.  If you have any questions ,
contact us so we may walk you through the requirements for obtaining your Business License to get your business  opened.

Tip: Licensed businesses in Moreno Valley can qualify for Hire Moval incentives including a discount equal to the annual Business License Processing Fee. Learn how...

Getting a New Business License

Operating a new business within the City of Moreno Valley requires specific licenses and permits before the business can operate legally:

  • a Certificate of Occupancy if the business is located in a retail or commercial establishment
  • a Home Occupation Permit if the business operates from a residence. This includes online businesses and mobile businesses that do not have a permanent retail or commercial location.
  • Cannabis-related businesses have a different application and permit process. Check Commercial Cannabis for details.

Please complete the appropriate paperwork below to begin the business license process.

Business Located Within Moreno Valley

Use the online system:


Or, complete the appropriate application below
and mail the completed paperwork to:
City of Moreno Valley
Attention: Business License Section
P.O. Box 88005
Moreno Valley, CA 92552

Home Occupation Permit/Certificate of Occupancy Application

Apply for a home occupation permit or certificate of occupancy online:

Click herE to Apply for Your Permit


Business Located Outside Moreno Valley

Use the online system:


Or, complete the appropriate application below and mail the completed paperwork to:
City of Moreno Valley
Attention: Business License Section
P.O. Box 88005
Moreno Valley, CA 92552


General Guidelines for Opening a New Business

In addition to a Business License, additional documentation may be required from Federal, State or Local agencies.

  • Sales: Anyone selling products must have a state Sellers Permit. If you are an in-city business you must provide a copy of your Seller's Permit when you apply. Please note your permit must show the Moreno Valley address. The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration will be able to provide address changes, if needed
  • Business Name: If a Fictitious Business Name is used, it must be filed through the Riverside County Clerk & Recorder.
  • Ownership: If a Partnership, Corporation, Trust or Limited Liability Corporation owns the business, you must provide a Federal ID Number (EIN). If you are a Sole Proprietor you may either use your Social Security Number or a Federal ID Number. A husband and wife may or may not need to obtain a Federal ID Number.
  • Employers: If you have employees, you must provide a State ID Number (EDD).
  • Licensed Contractors: If you operate a business that is licensed by a state agency (such as contractors) you must provide your State License number, type and expiration.
  • An Independent Contractor or Booth Rental License is for individuals working in an existing licensed business (ex. barbers, hairstylists, real estate agents and massage therapists.)
  • A Peddler/Solicitor License is required for Individuals or organizations that wish to engage in door-to-door sales.

Other Resources


Business License Renewal

Moreno Valley business licenses are issued annually. Here are the key renewal dates:

  • Renewal Notices sent out 2nd week of December
  • Business License Renewal Due Date January 31 

How to Renew Your Business License

How you renew the license depends on if it is current, or not:

  • Expired Licenses: Business licenses that have been closed or abandoned require submission of an application for a New Business License.  Please refer to the “New License” tab to submit an application for a new business license.
  • Current License Holders: You can renew the license online. E-filing speeds and simplifies the filing of your business license renewal. Your mailed renewal notice contains the account number and PIN number that are required to login to the system. On the RENEW LICENSE tab, choose the RENEW BUSINESS LICENSE green button, here click on Renew a business on line option, then enter the code located below the Code box on the same page, your Account # and PIN, then click on Find Account.  Then you will enter a few details and the system automatically calculates your business taxes, accepts your VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card payment and provides you with a receipt.

    For questions, please call 951.413.3080. Staff are available to take calls Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Video Tutorials

These helpful videos walk you through the license renewal and gross receipt calculation process.

Current Business License Fees

 (Note that business license fees are not pro-rated and are valid through the end of the calendar year. Business licenses that are purchased after September 30 will be valid through the end of the following calendar year.)

Per license


Vehicle Tag (per tag)


License for Farmers Market
(per vendor per day)


License for single day events per vendor, per day
(Treasury Operations Division Manager approval required.)


Reprint of License (each)


Business Listing (each)


City business license fees include a processing fee which can be found on the application and a gross receipts tax. All businesses are classified in one of three categories. Each category has a separate gross receipts tax scale:

Category A

Category B

Category C
(Professional Services):

$.25 per $1000 of gross receipts

$.50 per $1000 of gross receipts

$.75 per $1000 of gross receipts

(calculate using 0.00025)

(calculate using 0.00050)

(calculate using 0.00075)

Please refer to the Business License Categories & Application Fees schedule for details on specific business categories.

State Law-AB 1379

Effective January 1, 2018, the State of California has enacted AB 1379 (Dutton; Special Access: liability), a new law which imposes a $4 State fee on every applicant for a local business license or renewal (including all in-city commercial and home-based, landlords, out-of-city, and all contractors. Exempts and non-profits are excluded) and is required to be collected by all cities and counties throughout California, including the City of Moreno Valley.

This new law requires that you be provided the following notices: Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:


Search Businesses

If you're not certain whether or not your business license has expired, you can look it up online.

Moreno Valley business licenses are issued annually:

  • Renewal Notices sent out 2nd week of December
  • Business License Renewal Due Date January 31 

Pay License Balance

You can now pay any outstanding balance for your business license online:

Pay Balance Now

Pay Monthly Cannabis Tax

Cannabis Business Tax is due monthly on or before the last day of the month following the reporting month.

You can now file and pay or pay a previous balance online:

Pay Now

You can also fill out the form and mail it and your payment to City of Moreno Valley, 14177 Frederick Street, PO Box 88005, Moreno Valley, CA 92552-0805.

Close License

You can now close out your business license online:

Close Business License