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2040 General Plan Updates

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    Moval 2040: General Plan Update

    The General Plan guides everything from economic development to transportation, from the type of homes available to open-space conservation, and from community gathering places to public health and safety.

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What is the General Plan Update?

Virtual Public Workshop Materials

You can see workshop materials and make comments online through April 5.

Vea el video y los materiales del taller y someta sus comentarios hasta e incluso el 5 de abril.

This important project involves updates to key long-range planning documents. The 2040 General Plan is the City’s blueprint for how and where Moreno Valley will grow over the next 20 years. It contains policies that guide everything from economic development to transportation, from the type of homes available to open-space conservation, and from community gathering places to public health and safety. As a part of the General Plan update, the City will update the General Plan Housing Element, creating a Climate Action Plan, and evaluating potential environmental impacts in an Environmental Impact Report.

Community input is a critical piece of these long-range plans. MoVal 2040 will be a reflection of our priorities as a community. This website serves as your one-stop shop for information about the planning process, including a description of the  project and studies and presentations completed so far. We are also conducting a citywide survey as part of the outreach process, and will be holding public meetings.

We invite you to take a look around and prepare to share your vision for the future of our community. Please check back often for updates on the planning process, and sign up by emailing us to receive email alerts about meetings, draft documents and other opportunities to get involved.

Purpose and Process

The General Plan Update process will lay out a roadmap for making Moreno Valley a model community within the Inland Empire. The General Plan outlines Moreno Valley’s goals for economic development, town centers, circulation, and conservation of resources, and lays out policies and actions necessary to achieve those goals. Topical areas of the General Plan include land use, circulation, environmental resources, public facilities, and parks and open spaces. The existing General Plan dates back to 2006, and new opportunities, challenges, and priorities have emerged in recent years. The City initiated the process of updating the General Plan in late 2019, beginning what will be a unique and important opportunity for residents to share their ideas about Moreno Valley’s future.

The General Plan Update is a collaborative community effort to create a vision and a blueprint for development through 2040. Residents will have the opportunity to get involved at all stages of the planning process, from the initial visioning and issues assessment to the adoption of the General Plan.

As part of the General Plan, the City will update its Housing Element, write a Climate Action Plan and complete a project Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Housing Element, a part of the General Plan, addresses the City’s housing needs and ensures that planned housing stock will meet Moreno Valley’s future needs. The Climate Action Plan is a roadmap for how Moreno Valley will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to meet required statewide targets. The EIR ensures that environmental opportunities and constraints are identified and incorporated into the planning process, and identifies actions to mitigate any adverse environmental effects of the plan. These four pieces will be developed in parallel to ensure consistency, and public input will shape each of the documents.

Key Issues

Moreno Valley’s updated General Plan will have to address issues spanning all aspects of growth, development, and quality of life in the city. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploring strengthening Moreno Valley’s sense of place with town centers
  • Directing and managing Moreno Valley’s future economic growth, including growth in the industrial and distribution sectors
  • Ensuring that a mix of housing types are available for people at different income levels and life stages
  • Attracting high-quality businesses and jobs
  • Improving mobility and transportation options and strengthening regional connections
  • Maintaining public safety and municipal services
  • Protecting natural resources
  • Reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintaining and enhancing quality of life for residents

Finally, the updated General Plan must be clear and easy to use, and designed so it can be efficiently revised to incorporate future updates, area plans, and amendments.


The General Plan Update process will take place over four main phases. Phase 1 will encompass project initiation, citywide visioning, and issue identification. In Phase 2, the planning team will propose alternatives to address the issues and opportunities identified in the first phase. Phase 3 will see draft documents created, and in Phase 4, the City Council and Planning Commission will hold hearings for final adoption. Community input will be vital to the process in every phase, from identifying the big themes for the plan to providing input on the final plans.

The entire process will take about a year and a half, and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2021.

General plan phase schedule.

Consultant Team

the consultant team is Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners.

Additional consultants, with specializations in different disciplines, are: