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September 2014 - Report a Broken Sprinkler

Broken Sprinkler ReportCity launches Report a Broken Sprinkler program for City maintained landscaping, which includes parkways, medians, open space, parks, and multi-use trails. Broken sprinklers contribute to numerous gallons of unnecessary water waste each year. In order to preserve this precious resource, we are enlisting the help of members of the Moreno Valley community to report broken or leaking sprinklers on City maintained property. An online form has been developed to report the location of broken sprinklers so we may address the issue.

Broken sprinklers on privately owned property can be reported to Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Water Conservation Department by calling 951.928.3777 ext. 3306, by emailing, or by submitting an online request.

The City participates in several water conservation efforts in order to minimize the amount of water used in City maintained landscaped parkways and medians. Some of these efforts include utilization of weather based “smart” irrigation controllers and monitoring our monthly irrigation usage to ensure we stay within the allocated water budget as mandated by EMWD.

December 2013 - CSD Property Lookup Tool Updated with Fiscal Year 2013/14 Data

Fiscal Year 2013/14 property tax data for the Community Services District parcel charges/taxes has been updated in the CSD Property Lookup tool.  The CSD Property Lookup tool is available from the Special Districts Division webpage or from the Quick Links tab on the City’s main webpage.  Utilizing the tool, customers can see which CSD parcel charges/taxes were levied against their property for the current fiscal year.  The tool also links to the Moreno Valley Map Viewer tool which enables customers to see the general location of the landscaping improvements maintained with the funding provided by their parcel charges. 

December 2013 - Community Services District Annual Brochure Mailed

During the second week of November, property owners who are assessed a Community Services District parcel charges/taxes on their 2013/14 Riverside County Property Tax Bill were mailed an informational brochure on services they receive for their parcel charges/taxes.  (There are approximately 48,000 parcels assessed at least one parcel charge or tax supporting the CSD Zones.) This is the second year of the document since its introduction in 2012.  The goal of the brochure is to inform property owners about the services they receive from their special district programs, identify what cost saving measures are being taken to maximize use of the funding, report on additional services being provided and advise how to obtain further information about them.  These programs include:  Zone A for parks and community services, Zones B and C for street lights, Zones D and E for landscape maintenance of community landscaping, Zone M for arterial median landscape maintenance and Zone S for maintenance of the revitalization improvements on Sunnymead Boulevard.  Both English and Spanish versions of the brochure are also available from the Special Districts Division website.

December 2013 - Shopping Center Property Managers Partner for Landscape Maintenance

For the second year in a row, the property managers of the shopping centers located at Iris and Lasselle have agreed to supplement the landscape maintenance provided to the parkway landscaping abutting their properties.  These areas are within the CSD’s Zone E-3 and had been receiving landscape maintenance at a reduced service level after property owners elected not to support an increase in their parcel charge in 2009.  The property managers can ensure that their shopping centers are maintained more frequently and it comes at no additional cost to the property owners within Zone E-3.

December 2013 - Renovation to Frederick Street Landscape Medians Complete (Zone E-1)

Landscape renovation of the two medians on Frederick, between Eucalyptus and Towngate (aka Zone E-1) has been completed.  The renovation started in mid-September by killing off the existing vegetation.  After removal of the dead debris and preparation of the soil, 562 plants (112 agapanthus and 450 variegated society garlic) were replanted in the medians.  The new plants are succulent and have a better chance of survival in the event they are subject to unnecessary foot traffic.  Further, they will fill in the planter area as they grow, decreasing the opportunity for weed seeds to germinate.

Before After

Before (September 2013)

After (December 2013)

October 2013 Tree Trimming within Landscape Districts Begins Tree trimming

On September 23rd, West Coast Arborists began the annual tree trimming/removal cycle within the City’s special landscape districts. The contractor is tasked with trimming over 1,700 trees prior to January 15th. As advised by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, tree trimming/removal should occur outside the migratory bird nesting season which generally runs from January 15 to August 31 in Southern California. Work began in the Hidden Springs (Zone E-2) neighborhood and will flow through the rest of the zones based on health & safety priorities and efficiencies.


April 2013 - Backflow Devices - Costly ReplacementsBackflow

Help preserve your tax dollars for their intended purposes. Funds collected for median and parkway maintenance have had to be used to replace stolen backflow devices, depleting funds available to maintain the landscaping in your community. If you observe suspicious activity around a backflow device, promptly report it to the Moreno Valley Police Department’s nonemergency number - 951.247.8700.  

Across the state of California, theft of metal equipment is at a high as thieves are trading in metal equipment as “scrap metal”.    The funds you pay for the purpose of maintaining your landscape areas are being victimized by metal thieves. 


Costs to replace necessary backflow devices, loss of water and in some cases, replace damaged plant material are using funds that would normally go to routine landscape maintenance services, which drives up the overall costs for landscape maintenance services. While various deterrent methods are being used to minimize thefts of backflow devices, including cages, specialized locks and other monitoring methods, helping protect your investment through reporting suspicious activity can help and is welcomed.



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